One Eco Step Oxo-biodegradable Milk Storage Bags (20pk)
One Eco Step Oxo-biodegradable Milk Storage Bags (20pk)
One Eco Step Oxo-biodegradable Milk Storage Bags (20pk)

One Eco Step Oxo-biodegradable Milk Storage Bags (20pk)

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Store your liquid gold in the only Eco-friendly Breast Milk Storage Bags that are oxo-biodegradable, pre-sterilised, BPA and Phthalate free.

One package contains 20 Milk Storage Bags.

  • FDA approved food grade plastic (LDPE) Non-toxic and independently tested by a certified laboratory (SGS)
  • Eco-friendly Biodegrades in the open environment
  • Safe breast milk storage bags Pre-sterilised, BPA and Phthalate free
  • Leakproof Double zip closure. Extra room in bags to accommodate for milk expanding in freezer
  • Bigger Designed to hold up to 240ml

What is oxo-biodegradable plastic and how is it different from ordinary plastic?

In the presence of oxygen, oxo-biodegradable plastic undergoes the natural oxidation process at a much faster rate, to the point it breaks down and is no longer a plastic and can ultimately biodegrade into CO2, water and humus in the natural environment.

It does not leave fragments of petro-polymers in the soil and does not contain heavy metals.

This terminology is often confused with oxo-degradable plastics which do not become biodegradable. They are two different types of plastics. For a more detailed explanation on oxo-biodegradable plastic, visit

Is oxo-biodegradable plastic safe for food contact?

Yes, it is safe. The quality of our bags has been independently tested by a certified laboratory to be safe for long-term contact with any food type under the world's highest safety standards (EU Regulation 10/2011).

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