Our Story

We believe in making life easier for the modern mama. That is why every product we feature is designed with love, by a mama that has walked in your shoes. We are proud to only partner with female-founded, female-led brands that believe in making a positive impact on people and the environment.

Whether having your first or fifth bébé, each pregnancy, labour and breastfeeding journey presents a unique experience with its own set of challenges.

Inspired by personal experience and the need for practical products that help mamas transition into motherhood easily and comfortably, we have thoughtfully curated the Belly Box, Birth Box and Booby Box. 

These are not your everyday gift boxes.

We have done the research, consulted the specialists and carefully selected best in class products that will help you spend more time cherishing those newborn snuggles and less time researching which products will be helpful and safe for you and your bébé. You can rely on us to provide products from trusted brands that are both women-led and earth-friendly.

Mama, no matter how difficult this beautiful journey may get, always remember- You are capable. You are strong. You can do this.

Yours truly,
Dr. Nicole Boucher
Founder + Director