8 Sheep Organics Sleepy Body Lotion
8 Sheep Organics Sleepy Body Lotion
8 Sheep Organics Sleepy Body Lotion

8 Sheep Organics Sleepy Body Lotion

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Whoever said "sleep now, before the baby comes" was clearly never pregnant. For most mamas sleep becomes more and more difficult as pregnancy progresses. That is why 8 Sheep Organics created the Organic Sleepy Lotion made with magnesium to help ease pregnancy pains and insomnia. 

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Why we love it:

  • #1 lotion for pregnancy pains and insomnia
  • Thousands of 5 star reviews
  • Prevents restless legs and cramps
  • Eases lower back and hip pain
  • Promotes deeper & more restful sleep
  • Made from 100% organic ingredients 
  • Trusted by 40,000+ moms and thousands of 5 star reviews
  • No need to be pregnant to enjoy this Sleepy Body Lotion


How do you use the lotion:

We recommend applying 2-3 tsps of sleepy lotion onto your feet, calves and shoulders. Mamas also recommend a warm evening shower to help you find that blissful sleep you need!

How does the lotion work?

The active ingredients in the sleepy lotion that help you sleep better are the pure magnesium chloride brine and plant-based essential oils.

The essential oils we use help to reduce anxiety and calm your mind before bed. They also ease your body to sleep by calming your nervous system (lowering your blood pressure and heart rate, and increasing the amount of slow/ deep brain waves for a more restorative sleep).

The transdermal magnesium in the lotion helps you sleep by preventing painful leg cramps and restless legs (which actually causes broken sleep without most moms noticing). It also helps you get comfortable by reducing any lower back/ hip aches. Magnesium also increases GABA (gamma-amino butyric acid), a neurotransmitter in your brain that helps to turn off your “fight or flight” response, making you calmer, more relaxed and ready for bed.


Made with only 6 all-natural ingredients and no artificial chemicals or preservatives: organic mango butter, organic coconut oil, magnesium chloride, organic beeswax (cruelty-free), organic plant-based essential oils, distilled water.

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